Sleep Well

Sleep Well

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Herbal tea blend for a peaceful sleep. 40 grams

“Sleep well” is the choice of those who have difficulty falling asleep. While the soft taste of chamomile, the calming effect of real balm, and even the delicious smell of anise bring sleep, we have created a mixture that will help you have a peaceful sleep with the effect of lemon balm and lemon balm. You can consume it before going to bed when you want to fall into a nice and peaceful sleep or to relax.

Brewing recommendations; • 85 - 90 degrees is the ideal tea brewing temperature. • One teaspoon or two teaspoons of our tea is put into a frenchpress or teacup, then boiled water of 85-90 degrees is added to it and left to brew. • 5 to 6 minutes of brewing time will be sufficient. • 1.5-2 grams is sufficient for a 250 ml tea mug. • It can optionally be consumed with honey, sugar and sweetener. • 20-25 cups of tea comes out of a pack of Sleep Well.

Ingredients; • Son Herb• Lemongrass • Anise • Chamomile • Genuine Melissa • Sweet Apple • Cassia