Zuber Natural Fruit Bars

If we had to describe Zuber Bar to you in one sentence, we would say: One inside and outside.

So you can see what's inside in the package. Vitamin and mineral rich egg white, natural flavor of dates, nutritious nuts and 100% cocoa that crown our tables every day. Here the recipe is that simple. It's like you are making it yourself at home, as if you are eating with pleasure. Here is the secret of Zuber Protein Bar, which contains 10 grams of protein in each package. Everything you need is inside.

Now you have a healthy and delicious protein bar that you can throw in your gym bag with peace of mind, fits perfectly into your nutrition plan, and is made with egg white for the first time. You can also say goodbye to whey. It's time to stop looking for supplements and eating foods that make you regret to replenish your energy.