Lavender Mint Herbal Tea

Lavender Mint Herbal Tea

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It's time to take a fresh breath. The freshness of mint met with lavender. We softened the collision of two sharp tastes with blackberry leaves and got a delicious taste.

Brewing recommendations; • 85-90 degrees is the ideal tea brewing temperature. • Put a teaspoon or two teaspoons of tea in a frenchpress or teacup, then add 85-90 degrees boiled water and let it brew. • 5 to 6 minutes of brewing time will be sufficient. • 1.5-2 grams is sufficient for a 250 ml tea mug. • It can be consumed optionally with honey, sugar and sweetener. • 25-30 cups of tea come out of a pack of Sleep Well.

Ingredients; • Medicinal Mint • Lavender • Blackberry Leaf