Blue Butterfly with Jasmine Flower

Blue Butterfly with Jasmine Flower

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The wonderful smell and taste of jasmine flower combined with the unique blue of the blue butterfly flower. The most beautiful and most delicious of blues has formed. A blend that you can enjoy when you want to make a different presentation to your friends or pamper yourself. Thanks to the stevia -sugar grass- in it, you can taste a sweet drink without calories.

Brewing recommendations; • 85-90 degrees is the ideal tea brewing temperature. • Put a teaspoon or two teaspoons of tea in a frenchpress or teacup, then add 85-90 degrees boiled water and let it brew. • 3 to 4 minutes of brewing time will be sufficient. If you want to get a darker blue color, you can extend the brewing time. Blue tea is suitable for brewing twice. It preserves its color and taste. • 1-1.5 grams is sufficient for a 200 ml tea mug. • It can be consumed with honey, sugar and sweetener. • You can brew 35-40 cups of tea from a pack of Blue Butterfly with Jasmine Flower.

Ingredients; • Blue Butterfly Flower • Stevia • Jasmine flower • Blackberry leaf • Genuine Melissa • Identical to Nature Jasmine Flavor